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Detrimental Effects of Shift Work on Health due to Poor Sleep Quality

Some of the most crucial roles in our society are performed by health practitioners, workers in protective services, and members of the armed forces. Doctors, nurses, service members in the military and paramilitary, firefighters, other first responders and paramedical professionals, police and many more face difficult occupational challenges and must also deal with the challenge of work schedules that are often unpredictable and undesirable. Often, the important work requirements of those in the demographic necessitate…

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N1 Fitness Podcast with Marcus Sidhu: Episode 45, Being a Navy SEAL Doctor with Kirk Parsley

Doc joins Marcus Sidhu, the founder and head fat loss coach at N1 Fitness, for a special podcast episode all about being a doctor to the Navy SEALs and managing sleep for shift workers. Specifics include… Common symptoms of sleep debt and shift work How Kirk got the SEALs off of sleep drugs The bunker test Alcohol, sleep drugs and over the counter meds Marijuana and sleep How to pay off sleep debt for shift…

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[VIDEO] The Most Overlooked Factor in Health and Longevity

In a lecture for the Florida Institute for Humans & Machine Cognition, Doc goes in-depth about why sleep is the most misunderstood and underutilized tool that we have for optimizing health. He also shares what actually happens we we do sleep, and why we should cherish sleep as the best elixir known to humans. Do you need to stock up on your Sleep Remedy? Visit our shop

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Sleep and Body Composition

Science has good news for people who like to sleep in and enjoy a little extra shut eye and a word of caution to those who would rather sleep when they’re dead. Spending time with your pillow plays as important a role in physical fitness and your body composition and health as drinking water and getting exercise. The relationship between sleep and stress has long been known, but science also promotes the natural inclination to…

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Staying Healthy through the Holidays

The holiday season can be hectic and it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy. Doc shares his top five tips for staying healthy throughout the holidays. Of course, getting good sleep is his first tip. He also includes some advice around nutrition, drinking, exercise management and deep breathing. You can even have carbs! Check out the infographic below:   If you do wind up getting sick throughout the holidays, don’t fret. Just…

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