The Effects of Sleep on Your Relationship

We are aware of the effects sleep has on our mood, cognition, and performance, but we may not realize that our relationships also depend on it. Relationships depend on decision making, shared responsibility, even humor and attractiveness. Sleep deprivation affects all of those aspects ultimately leading to a less than ideal partnership. Couples trials have provided us with more insight in regards to the effects a lack of sleep has on a relationship. Monogamous couples…

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Tips to Mitigate the Effects of Performance and Sleep Decline Associated with Shift Work

This blog is designed primarily for First Responders, LEOs, Military, Healthcare shift workers. The most common question that I asked is; “how do I compensate for shift work”. The unfortunate answer is that you cannot, at least not completely. Two plus two will always equal four. It would be no different than saying, how do I compensate for eating McDonald’s twice per day. However, there are things that you can do to mitigate against the…

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Doc Parsley at Female Brain Summit

Tired vs. Drunk – What’s the Difference? Enjoy this segment of the Virtual Female Brain Summit – Doc Parsley discusses the difference between being tired or drunk.

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