I’ve been beating the nutrition drum for well over a decade, and reminding everyone how important sleep is. Doc has been beating the sleep drum for about the same amount of time and reminding everybody how important nutrition is. We agree on these being the top two priorities, and even the nutrition guy (me) will tell you that people who sleep well are harder to kill.

Deep sleep is when your muscles get bigger and stronger. It’s also when your immune function is at its peak, and you’re repairing all of the damage you’ve done to your body. During other stages of sleep your brain is getting smarter. You’re making sense out of any new material you’ve learned that day. You’re adding that to old material, and making new connections. Any physical skill that you’ve learned that day is becoming hard wired in as “muscle memory”.

So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re memorizing biochemistry, trying to build a company, shooting for a double-body weight clean, or learning a brand new move. Getting quality sleep is a big part of the equation. Regardless if you are trying to reduce inflammation or working diligently at leaning out or bulking up, or generally chasing after epic performance at anything, sleep like you mean it folks.

Doc developed this all-inclusive sleep formulation while working with some really hard charging guys and gals. You’ll see many familiar ingredients in the product, but the magic comes from getting the right quantities and bio-availability dialed in. You’ll see for yourself: it’s dialed in TIGHT!