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5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Sleep

Sleeping with Babies At this point in my career, I could not even estimate the number of lectures that I have done on sleep. Amazingly though, I cannot recall a single lecture when I wasn’t asked what to do about parent’s sleep with newborn babies to toddlers. My answer never gets a standing ovation because; “it depends” is a pretty weak answer for any “expert”. When I put on my doctor hat, I say: parental…

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Sleep your way to optimal performance in just 7 days

[This blog was written for Robb Wolf – Original Post found here] As a former Navy SEAL and an MD that has long worked on health and performance issues with active-duty Navy SEALS, it’s become my personal mission to disrupt the construct that suggests that getting by on less sleep is some sort of badge of honor; that anything more than five or six hours of sleep per night is for the weak and undisciplined. To…

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A Drunk, Anxious, and Depressed CEO: The Obvious Path To Business Success

Having recently started my fourth business and designing my fifth, I can claim some reasonable understanding of what it takes to run a successful business. A business is nothing but a coordination of systems that ultimately results in an exchange of value. One party produces an offer of said exchange, and another party agrees to that offer: business is being done. There are an endless number of ways to develop offers, endless ways to make…

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#FAQFriday with Doc Parsley

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The Effects of Sleep on Your Relationship

We are aware of the effects sleep has on our mood, cognition, and performance, but we may not realize that our relationships also depend on it. Relationships depend on decision making, shared responsibility, even humor and attractiveness. Sleep deprivation affects all of those aspects ultimately leading to a less than ideal partnership. Couples trials have provided us with more insight in regards to the effects a lack of sleep has on a relationship. Monogamous couples…

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